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March 28, 2021

3-28-21AM “King of Kings”

Passage: Revelation 5:1-14
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The people sang praises to Jesus when He rode into Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. And praises still ring today in heaven where Jesus sits as King of kings.
I. The humble King (John 12:12​-19)
A. The Passover (vs.12-13)
B. The King (vs.13-15)
C. The rejection (vs.16-19)
II. The prevailing King (Revelation 5:1-14)
A. A book (vs.1-4)
B. The worthy King (vs.5-7)
C. The songs of praise (vs.8-14)
1. The saints (vs.8-10)
2. The angels (vs.11-12)
3. All creation (vs.13-14)

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