May 9, 2021

5-9-21PM “Coming Home”

Passage: Luke 15:1-32
Service Type:

Every prodigal is welcome home once again. God's love receives every sinner that truly repents and turns in faith to Jesus. Have you come home to God?
I. A lost sheep (vs.3-7)
A. A shepherd cares for his sheep (vs.4)
B. The lost sheep is found (vs.5-6)
C. God rejoices over us (vs.7)
II. A lost coin (vs.8-10)
III. A lost son (vs.11-24)
A. Turning to sin (vs.11-13)
B. Seeing the need (vs.14-16)
C. Repenting of sin (vs.17-19)
D. Receiving God's grace (vs.20-24)
IV. A lost hypocrite (vs.25-32)

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