June 13, 2021

6-13-21AM “Keeping the Focus on Jesus”

Passage: 2 Corinthians 11:1-15
Service Type:

Everything starts with Jesus. Each individual Christian and the church as a whole must build upon that solid foundation. But Satan wants to move us away from Jesus. Satan wants to distract us. Keep your focus on Jesus. Keep it simple- love Jesus with all your heart.
I. A godly jealousy (vs.1-4)
A. Espoused to Jesus (vs.2)
B. Turned from Jesus (vs.3-4)
II. A sincere motive (vs.5-12)
A. The knowledge of God (vs.5-6)
B. A sacrificial ministry (vs.7-9)
C. Exposing false teachers (vs.10-12)
III. A deceitful enemy (vs.13-15)

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