June 13, 2021

6-13-21PM “A Word of Hope”

Passage: Micah 4:9-5:15
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The Bible gives us a word of hope to stand on in the midst of the darkness of sin and evil in our day. And this word of hope is centered in Jesus. It's His work that makes all the difference. Put your hope in Jesus. He is King of kings and Lord of lords.
I. We need the Lord (4:9-10)
A. There is no king (vs.9)
B. We are in trouble (vs.10)
II. A King is born (4:11-5:2)
A. The will of the enemy (4:11; 5:1)
B. The will of God (4:12-13; 5:2)
III. The enemy is conquered (5:3-15)
A. This man shall be the peace (vs.3-6)
B. Vengeance upon the enemy (vs.7-15)

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