June 6, 2021

6-6-21PM “Hearing the Truth”

Passage: Micah 3:1-4:8
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Only the truth will stand the test of time. And only the truth will give us a solid foundation to stand on. Are you hearing and believing the truth in God's Word? Or have you believed the lie of the world?
I. A lack of knowledge (3:1-3)
A. Shouldn't you know (vs.1)?
B. Your ways are evil (vs.2-3)
II. A false hope (3:4-7)
A. God's not listening (vs.4)
B. God's not speaking (vs.5-7)
III. A clear word of truth (3:8-12)
IV. A promise to stand on (4:1-8)
A. Truth established (vs.1-2)
B. Peace realized (vs.3-5)
C. Restoration accomplished (vs.6-8)

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