July 11, 2021

7-11-21AM “Boasting in the Lord”

Passage: 2 Corinthians 6:16-12:10
Service Type:

Boasting in what we can do is pride. Boasting in what God can do is confidence in the Lord. Paul knew he was nothing. He knew he could accomplish nothing in himself. So he relied on God's grace and strength. Do you see your need for God's grace and strength?
I. Boasting in the flesh (11:16-20)
A. A wrong focus (vs.17-18)
B. Led to bondage (vs.19-20)
II. Boasting in the Spirit (11:21-12:6)
A. Paul's infirmities (11:22-33)
B. God's work (12:1-6)
III. God's sufficient grace (12:7-10)
A. Humbled before God (vs.7)
B. Rejoicing in God's grace (vs.8-10)

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