July 11, 2021

7-11-21PM “Faithfulness and Eternity”

Passage: Luke 16:1-31
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To live for this world is to miss what really matters. Eternity is what matters. Have we heard the truth about salvation in Jesus? Have we turned in repentance and faith and trusted Jesus to save us? You can have everything this world has to offer and miss what really matters. Where will you spend eternity?
I. The unrighteous servant (vs.1-7)
A. An unfaithful servant (vs.1-2)
B. A deceitful work (vs.3-7)
C. A false evaluation (vs.8)
II. The true evaluation (vs.9-13)
A. Life is bigger than this present time (vs.9)
B. Living for Jesus is what matters (vs.10-13)
III. The reality of eternity (vs.14-31)
A. The Law and the Prophets (vs.15-18)
B. Heaven and Hell (vs.19-31)
1. Everything and nothing (vs.19-21)
2. Eternal suffering or eternal joy (vs.22-31)

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