July 18, 2021

7-18-21AM “Coming Clean with Sin”

Passage: 2 Corinthians 12:11-13:10
Service Type:

God is present and at work in His church. But sin will hinder our growth in the Lord. Deal with sin so you can know the grace of God at work in your life.
I. God's work through Paul (12:11-18)
A. The hand of God (vs.12-13)
B. The love of Paul (vs.14-18)
II. Paul's authority in God (12:19-13:4)
A. Bewailing sin (12:19-21)
B. Establishing God's Word (13:1-4)
III. A call to surrender (13:5-10)
A. Examine yourselves (vs.5)
B. Accept the truth (vs.6-10)

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