September 12, 2021

9-12-21AM “God’s Word is Our Sure Foundation”

Passage: Jeremiah 23:16-40
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The Word of God is powerful. God will do His work through His Word. Let's stand firmly on the Word of God in our lives, and let's proclaim faithfully the Word of God in our world. The truth will make people free.
I. Comforted by God's Word (15:15-16)
A. Difficult times (vs.15)
B. Joy in God's Word (vs.16)
II. Controlled by God's Word (20:7-11)
A. Persecuted for the Word (vs.7-8)
B. Faithfully proclaiming God's word (vs.9-11)
III. Confident in God's Word (23:16-40)
A. The emptiness of man's word (vs.16-17)
B. The power of God's Word (vs.23-24)
C. The silence of God's Word (vs.30-40)

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