September 12, 2021

9-12-21PM “Jesus is Lord”

Passage: Luke 20:19-44
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The bottom line is Jesus is Lord. He is King. He has all authority. He is Messiah. So we acknowledge Him as Lord just as David did. We don't need to know everything. We just need to know that Jesus is Lord. Then we must live under His authority and control.
I. Worship God, obey the ruler (vs.19-26)
A. Should we pay taxes (vs.21-22)?
B. Everything starts with God (vs.23-25)
II. God is the God of the living (vs.27-40)
A. There is no resurrection (vs.27-33)
B. The resurrection of the dead (vs.34-38)
1. The world to come (vs.34-35)
2. Eternal life (vs.36)
3. God is the God of the living (vs.37-38)
III. Jesus is Lord (vs.41-44)
A. David's Son (vs.41-44)
B. David's Lord (vs.41-44)

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