September 5, 2021

9-5-21AM “Thou Art My Praise”

Passage: Jeremiah 17:5-18
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We have a hope that will endure through the darkest times. Jesus is the Solid Rock that we stand on each day. He is our foundation. And we will not be disappointed. God will carry us through. Let's stand firm in Jesus. Let's be a tree that stands through the heat and drought. And let's flourish and bear fruit for God's glory.
I. The curse (vs.5-6)
A. Turning from the Lord (vs.5)
B. Failing in the desert (vs.6)
II. The blessing (vs.7-8)
A. Trusting in the Lord (vs.7)
B. Fruitful through the storm (vs.8)
III. The challenge (vs.9-18)
A. God and our hearts (vs.9-11)
1. Man's sinful heart (vs.9)
2. God's all-seeing eye (vs.10)
3. The foolish man (vs.11)
B. God is our praise (vs.12-18)

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