September 5, 2021

9-5-21PM “The Authority of God”

Passage: Luke 19:45-20:18
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Jesus is the King. Therefore He has all authority. He is God in the flesh. The challenge is to submit to His authority. And when we do we find life in Him. Have you submitted to Jesus as your Savior?
I. Jesus cleanses the temple (19:45-48)
A. God's house was full of sin (vs.45-46)
B. Jesus teaches the truth (vs.47-48)
II. The leaders reject God's authority (20:1-8)
A. A good question (vs.2)
B. A good answer (vs.3-4)
C. A rebellious response (vs.5-8)
III. Jesus declares God's judgment (20:9-18)
A. God planted Israel (vs.9)
B. The leaders rebelled against God (vs.10-15)
C. God will destroy them (vs.15-18)

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